The works of Jonathan Edwards

The works of Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

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General editor, v. 3-6, John E. Smith; v. 3 edited by Clyde A. Holbrook; v. 4 edited by C.C. Goen; v. 6 edited by Wallace E. Anderson; v. 7 edited by Norman Pettit; v. 8 edited by Paul Ramsey; v. 9 transcribed and edited by John F. Wilson; v. 10 edited by Wilson H. Kimnach; v. 12 edited by David D. Hall ; v. 13 edited by Thomas A. Schafer; v. 14 edited by Kenneth P. Minkema; v. 15 edited by Stephen J. Stein; v. 16 edited by George S. Claghorn; v. 17 edited by Mark Valeri; v. 18 edited by Ava Chamberlain; v. 19. Harry S. Stout, general editor; v. 20 edited by Amy Plantinga Pauw; v. 21 edited by Sang Hyun Lee; v. 22 edited by Harry S. Stout and Nathan O. Hatch with Kyle P. Farley ; v. 23 edited by Douglas A. Sweeney; v. 24 (pts. 1 and 2) edited by Stephen J. Stein; v. 25 edited by Wilson H. Kimnach.


v. 1. Freedom of the will
v. 2. Religious affections
v. 3. Original sin
v. 4. The Great Awakening
v. 5. Apocalyptic writings
v. 6. Scientific and philosophical writings
v. 7. The life of David Brainerd
v. 8. Ethical writings
v. 9. A history of the work of redemption
v. 10. Sermons and discourses, 1720-1723
v. 11. Typological writings
v. 13. The "miscellanies" (entry nos. a-z, aa-zz, 1-500)
v. 14. Sermons and discourses, 1723-1729
v. 15. Notes on Scripture
v. 16. Letters and personal writings
v. 17. Sermons and discourses, 1730-1733
v. 18. The "miscellanies" (entry nos. 501-832)
v. 19. Sermons and discourses, 1734-1738
v. 20. The miscellanies (entry nos. 833-1152)
v. 21. Writings on the Trinity, grace, and faith
v. 22. Sermons and discourses, 1739-1742
v. 23. The miscellanies (entry nos. 1153-1320)
v. 24 (pts. 1 and 2). The "Blank Bible"
v. 25. Sermons and discourses 1743-1758.


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